Beach (Cotton Island)
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The Beach is the first level in Plok, used to be an introduction to the game's universe.

The Warp is located just at the left of the beginning, which can lead to Crazy Cradles.

Dialogue Edit


Plok's house one fine morning
What a fab day! ...
Nice and quiet
no worries.
Hey! Something's wrong!
Where's my big square flag?
Someone's swiped it!
Where's it gone?...
Who's got my flag?
You'll be sorry whoever you are!

where is it?!!!
Hmm... Creepy Crag? Nope!
Brendammi Bog? Nope!
Breezy Beach? Nope!
Where else could it be?

Aha!... There it is! On Cotton Island!
There'll be trouble! I'm coming to get ya and limbs are gonna fly!

End of the level
Plok Speaking (Nervous)
Hey! This isn't my flag!

Gallery Edit

Cotton Island Beach 1 Cotton Island Beach 2 Cotton Island Beach 3

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