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Fleas are the most common baddies you will encounter in Poly-Esta archipelago. Several versions of fleas can be found.

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Flea Edit

The loathsome spawn of the evil Flea Queen from the dark depths of the mysterious Fleapit, these beasts should never have been allowed to see the light of day. Plok will have a tough task ahead of him if he wants to make Akrillic a safe and clean place to plant his flags again.

CO flea colour chart 11-05-91CO flea getting hit 03-05-91CO plok hates fleas 27-05-91 Flea

Flea Eggs Edit

Every level of Akrillic will be populated by a dozen or so Flea eggs, each one set in a big pile of disgusting blue Flea gunge. The eggs are harmless in themselves, but will soon hatch into horrid little bug-eyed Fleas.

Flea eggs will hatch of their own accord after a minute or so, freeing one more blue menace to roam the face of Akrillic. Much better to shoot the egg, as it will hatch quicker and you can blast the Flea as soon as it has hatched.

CO fleas eggs 23-06-91 Flea Egg

Drone Flea Edit

DRONE FLEAS These fleas appear in the battle with Flea Queen. These will hatch faster than normal fleas and die with a single blow. They are the most similar to normal fleas.

Flying Flea Edit

FLYING FLEAS Flying Fleas are orange fleas with bat wings that hide in broken eggs to ambush Plok.

Shooting Flea Edit

SHOOTING FLEAS Shooting fleas have a round body and 4 wavy legs. They are able to spit grunge balls at Plok.

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