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Japan Activision
America Tradewest logo
Europe Nintendo Red

Release Date

Japan December 10, 1993
America September 1993
Europe 1994


Platform game


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Single Player


Ste and John Pickford (concept)
Lyndon Brooke (Graphics)
John Buckley (Code)


Tim Follin
Geoff Follin

Plok! is a Video Game Developed in 1993 by Software Creations and published by Tradewest in America, Nintendo in Europe, and Activision in Japan as a tradional platform game starring Plok, a creature from the fictional land of Poly-Esta archipelago.


Plok's adventure begins when he wakes up one morning to find that his big square flag has gone missing. He then finds it ontravel first to the nearby Cotton Island to retrieve it from the Bobbins Brothers.

After vanquishing the Bobbins Bros. and reclaiming his flag, Plok returns to Akrillic to find that the island has been taken over by Fleas, large blue creatures that jump around. He quickly learns that the theft of his flag was simply a decoy to lure him away from Akrillic and leave it unguarded. Plok must travel throughout Akrillic, ridding the island of Fleas. Partway through the game, Plok takes a break by his house to catch a nap, during which he dreams of his Grandpappy's journey on Legacy Island to search for a family heirloom known as the Magical Amulet, which is eventually found and stumbled upon by Plok as he wakes up.

After clearing out all the Fleas from Akrillic, Plok descends into Brendammi Bog, where the Fleapit, the source of all the Fleas, is located. Riding various vehicles, Plok journeys deep into the Flea Pit, ultimately challenging the Flea Queen as the final boss.

Gameplay Edit

Plok dwells on Akrillic, a large island in the fictional region of "Polyesta". Plok's special power lies in the fact that he can launch any of his limbs at will and allow them to damage enemies, once the damage has been done they return to Plok until he attacks again. Another integral use of this ability is using it to solve puzzles that involve having to "sacrifice" one of Plok's limbs to activate switches (thus gradually decreasing Plok's mobility and his chances in battle). Once a limb hits a switch, it is placed on a hanger that may be right next to the switch or several screens away; some switches also require certain limbs. Plok's secondary attack takes the form of a buzzsaw-like jump that not only gives him increased speed, but also dispatches enemies. Plok can pick up shells, which award extra lives and serve as ammunition for a special amulet received part way through the game. The amulet converts shells into power for Plok's secondary attack.

Plok has numerous power-ups that come in the form of "presents" scattered amongst the majority of levels. If Plok locates one of these colorful gifts he is immediately transformed into a more powerful fighting machine for a brief length of time. These power-ups include a flamethrower, boxing gear, a blunderbuss, twin handguns and even multiple rocket launchers. Specific presents yield vehicles that Plok can use in some later levels.

As the game progresses, the player will also encounter a number of different enemies and bosses as well.

Controls Edit

  • Control Pad- Move Plok
  • A- Jump
  • B-
  • X- Throw Limb
  • Y- Spin Jump, a Faster, Higher Jump, but leaves Plok a moving target
  • START- Pause

Special Edit

  • Bonus Plok Shell sprite
  • Plokontinue (Token P Token L Token O Token K Tokens)
At the start of a new game, Plok has no continues available. When all spare lives are used up the game is over. During the course of the game, Plok can earn several continues, which allow the game to continue from specified points when all lives are lost.
Bonus Plok Plokontinue

Permanent Continue Positions Edit

A few key positions in the game have been designated 'Permanent Continue Positions'. These are after either the Bobbins Bros. or Rockyfella have been defeated. Once a player has reached one of these positions, every new game started will begin at this position, so the earlier levels will not have to be played through again and again. This position will be remembered even if the Reset button is pressed.

To play the game again from the beginning after a 'Permanent Continue Position' has been reached, the Power switch should be switched off for a few seconds.

Levels Edit

Cotton Island Beach
Log Falls
Rickety Bridge
Crazy Cradles
Blind Leap
Bobbins Bros
Akrillic (Part 1) Garlen Beach
Sleepy Dale
Plok's House
Legacy Island Mace Cove
Fool's Gap
Zig Zag
Sponge Rocks
Swifty Peaks
Log Trail
Crouch Hill
Bobbins Bros
Akrillic (Part 2) Plok Town
The Penkinos
Venge Thicket
Dreamy Cove
Creepy Forest
Womack Spider
Creepy Crag
Gohome Cavern
Crashing Rocks
Fleapit Cycling Clever
Road Hogging
High Flying
Easy Riding
In A Spin
Real Rumblings
Silent Running
Flea Queen

Game Genie Codes Edit

C26D-3D0D Invincibility
F482-CDDD Plok floats in the air. Turn it off to let him drop.
F468-CDDD When you jump, you collect invisible shells. It can lead to graphic problems and bugs.
F48C-CFDD High jump
23CC-CDDD Enemies and limbs are invisible
C288-3D6D Plok doesn't bounce when you shoot all of his limbs.
66CC-3D0C No logs
66CC-3F0C Logs roll in the opposite direction
66CC-3FDC Psycho Logs


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